Getting To Yes Learning Experience

Are you tired of hearing “no” or “I need to sleep on it.”?

Wish you knew how to respond better and quicker to sales objections?

Want to make more money from speaking without the fear of looking stupid?


There’s an easy (and fun) solution to overcoming these challenges – IMPROV. Yes, improv, as in improv comedy. We know that comedy is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word improv. What many don’t realize is that improv is a TOOL that delivers a variety of OUTCOMES … such as comedy, dance, music, problem solving, speaking to audiences and having profitable sales conversations. Learn how to use this improv tool and you WILL make more money in your business! How Improv Will Make You More Money … If you want to make more money you have to build better relationships. Practicing improv is the best way (in our opinion) to build authentic relationships because it gives us the opportunity to strengthen some key relationship building skills:

  • Active Listening
  • Being 100% in The Moment
  • Collaborating To A Solution
  • Being Comfortable With The Uncomfortable
  • Empathizing With & Validating Emotions
  • Becoming a natural storyteller
  • Non-Verbal Communication (tone of voice and body language)
  • Seeing failure as opportunity


Richard“Gina’s approach and her ability to connect it to business directly really uncovered some new things for me. Most importantly for me was knowing whatever is thrown into my lap I can do something with it, and when you relate that back to business, any problem or any challenge or any opportunity that comes to me I can turn it into a positive. If you are thinking about taking her class, don’t think, just sign up. Thank you, Gina. Thank you, crew. I really enjoyed it.”

Richard Oceguera, Richard Oceguera Coaching


Improvising in business requires you to basically “go off script” to deal with unexpected situations and responses. You were born with this skill set, but adulthood knocked it out of you. If you want to recapture your innate ability to improvise AND do it better you MUST practice it. Improvising is a brain activity. The brain is a muscle. If you want to strengthen that muscle you need to exercise it! So, yes, as silly as it may sound, you need to practice improvising! Ways To Practice Improvising

  • You could buy improv books and find someone to practice with on your own
  • You could find an improv comedy theater in your community and sign up with the general public (many who join for a hobby or to become performers)
  • OR you could take an immersive improv workshop with Gina & Company and be certain that what you learn WILL apply directly to your business and making more money.

Decide to make more money by choosing Gina & Company you can expect …

  • An immersive learning experience that usually occurs over two days
  • A community of other business professionals to learn from and connect with
  • Personal attention and coaching from Gina
  • Practical exercises to apply in sales conversations, difficult situations and presentations
  • A fun and safe environment that will make you wish you signed up sooner

AfrinsHeadshot.jpg“I thought I was coming here to learn how to be funny, but what I actually walked out with was knowledge of how to be powerful in the face of any circumstance. Whether it’s a client that is on the phone giving you objections, or it’s someone throwing you an idea and you have no idea where to go with that idea, or how to solve a problem, Gina gives you the techniques and tools you need so you can be masterful and powerful in the face of anything life brings at you. It’s so much more than an improv class. It really was life changing for me, and I so appreciate Gina. Her team was awesome. I really recommend it to anybody.”

Afrin Khan, Red Elephant



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