“I was terrified of making the investment and the commitment to Gina. But, she and I both knew I needed her help. I was overworkedHEADSHOT, overwhelmed, and chasing bunnies all over the place. I had no focus and let others manage my business life with bad decisions. Gina has helped me dial in what I want my business to look like and where I want to ultimately take my busness. She has helped me make some tough decisions and take a few leaps of faith. It has turned out better than expected so far. Today, I make my own schedule, decide my own path, and I have also doubled my income! Gina has a fun approach to business; she has taught me how to ‘Yes, and’ my way to success.”   – Rachel Tipton, Ultra Fit Lifestyle


“Within one year of working with Gina, I QUADRUPLED my revenue and TRIPLED my profits! I would never have thought that to be possible before she became my coach.  I wanted to work with a business coach to help me take my travel business from a hobby level to a full-fledged business.  Gina definitely helped me do that.  Her coaching style was just what I needed – friendly, caring, supportive and encouraging.  She taught me the value of setting goals, establishing a plan, tracking my numbers, and staying accountable. With her guidance I am dreaming big and believing it will happen!”    – Anjana Duff, Travel Consultant

“I have been working with Gina since the start up of my Health Coaching business back in the Spring of 2014. I have a strong DSC_0033passion for health and wellness and helping others reach their health goals but my sense of business and my ability to stay focused as always been a problem for me . I knew going into this business that if I didn’t seek the support and advise of a business coach that I would probably struggle to even get my business of the ground. Just because you are a passionate about a topic and have the ability to connect with others doesn’t make you a good business person and with working with Gina I am building up my business muscle and feel extremely confident that I will have very successful Health Coaching business that is sustainable and profitable.

With the support, coaching and knowledge of Gina I had the courage to leave my full time job to pursue my new business . I was prepared to use savings and loans for whatever start up costs and to keep the business running
The business was started in May of 2014 and I was extremely thrilled to see that at the close out of 2014 I had actually brought in enough revenue to offset the money I had taken out of my savings and invest back into my business.”      – Leslie O’Neill, The Be Well Coach


Terry Nichols and Linda Vettrus-Nichols“Besides being a wonderful, heart centered, sensitive person, Gina is a very talented woman with great insight. We increased our closing rate 20% after taking her improv class. Not sure why there is no letter ‘e’ after the word improv because working with Gina one can’t help but improve. She is actually a certified Sales Improv coach and it shows via her guidance, patience, and great sense of humor. After only two days of Improv with Gina our income spiked dramatically.”

– Terry Earthwind Nichols & Linda Vettrus-Nichols


Kim Fowler, ParentCare Coaching“Before taking Gina’s Improv class, I was a bit nervous and skeptical. I wasn’t really sure how Improv could affect my business at all – much less improve it. I am not one to jump around on stages acting silly. I thought it might change my speaking comfort, but not much else.

After taking the class, I became a believer! Not only did her class teach me to be comfortable on stage, I began to understand what it was to actually be present. I now understand the importance of ‘being in the moment’. I used to multitask and found it hard to focus. After taking one class, I have become more present in both my business and personal life. It still takes practice, but it is because of the skills I learned from Gina and her instructors.

I didn’t realize how much fun it would be, and how much it would improve my speaking, sales conversations and relationships! I can’t wait for the next class! Thank you, Gina!”

– Kim Fowler, ParentCare Coaching


Helen Macmillan, Success Coach “I decided to take Gina’s improv class because I had heard really good things about it and I thought it would be a fun thing to do for my birthday! I had no idea the impact it would have on my sales conversations and my business! Not only was it loads of fun, It really improved my listening skills and changed the way I conduct my sales conversations. I actually love doing them now because they are not stressful anymore. Talk about a big shift!”

– Helen Macmillan, Success Coach


Rhonda Ryder“I went to Gina’s improv class with a great deal of trepidation and I came out of it interacting with people on a new level and talking about my business with a new found confidence. In just one week after doing the class, I’ve landed four new clients and nearly doubled my revenue! Gina created a safe space for me to move beyond my comfort zone and into a world where ‘nothing’s wrong.’ Thanks, Gina!”

– Rhonda Ryder, Be You Videos


Karen Gridley “Gina’s improv was wonderful for helping a former scientist get out of being over-analytical, so much so, when we went to another workshop after, I took action I otherwise would not have…She made it fun. She made it safe. She made it educational, and she did an excellent job of tying it into business, so there were clear cut ways of how I can be more successful in my business as a direct result of what I learned.”

– Karen GridleyThe Excuse Removal Expert


Rebecca Barnes Hogg“So much fun while learning and growing, both personally and professionally. I left with more purpose and clarity than I’ve ever felt before, and I can’t wait to put what I’ve learned to work. Many thanks to you and your team. I’m looking forward to hearing more success stories from everyone in the group. ‘Yes, and!’

– Rebecca Barnes-Hogg, Yolo Insights


Richard“Gina’s approach and her ability to connect it to business directly really uncovered some new things for me. Most importantly for me was knowing whatever is thrown into my lap I can do something with it, and when you relate that back to business, any problem or any challenge or any opportunity that comes to me I can turn it into a positive. If you are thinking about taking her class, don’t think, just sign up. Thank you, Gina. Thank you, crew. I really enjoyed it.”

– Richard Oceguera, Richard Oceguera Coaching

AfrinsHeadshot.jpg“I thought I was coming here to learn how to be funny, but what I actually walked out with was knowledge of how to be powerful in the face of any circumstance. Whether it’s a client that is on the phone giving you objections, or it’s someone throwing you an idea and you have no idea where to go with that idea, or how to solve a problem, Gina gives you the techniques and tools you need so you can be masterful and powerful in the face of anything life brings at you. It’s so much more than an improv class. It really was life changing for me, and I so appreciate Gina. Her team was awesome. I really recommend it to anybody.”

– Afrin Khan, Red Elephant

Ivy Slater“It was such a wonderful day. I see not only how I can use this information in my own business, in my own sales conversations, to make them more powerful but, the greatest thing is, I see how I can take this forward and how I can help my clients, and how my clients can take this forward….The key is to show up and do it.”

– Ivy Slater, Slater Success


Melinda Armstrong Blair“Gina was MASTERFUL at tying every exercise and lesson into how it relates to our sales conversations and how to use improv during any conversation in general. The Improv Intensive was not only a TON OF FUN but also a really wonderful way to form a deeper relationship with 20 of my fellow 10Kers, and for that, I am truly grateful.”

– Melinda Blair-Armstrong


Davina Frederick“Gina is insightful, intuitive and sharp. In one short conversation, she was able to help me get clarity on an issue with which I’d been wrestling for months. It completely changed the course of my business.”

– Davina Frederick, DFrederick Media



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