Don’t Be A Dysfunctional Business At The Holidays

dysfunctional - gina trimarcoMany of us joke about our “dysfunctional” families, especially at the holidays. At my improv theater we even have a holiday comedy show titled Dysfunctional Holiday Gathering to help eliminate the holiday season stress through laughter.

So, if you come from a dysfunctional family you most likely have some dysfunctional tendencies yourself AND you may even have some dysfunctional clients. How you respond (versus react) to dysfunctional behavior, including your own, will make all the difference. And taking the time to plan will take you from a “survival” mindset to a “thrival” mindset; yes, I made up that word. Set your mindset to THRIVE, not just survive.

The holidays make us a little frenzied but your businesses don’t fully shut down. Your clients still need you and still expect service. Recently I had several clients whose contracts were going through renewal at the same time. Several said, Can I renew my contract after the holidays and pick back up in January or February?” And my response? Is your business shutting down for two months? I don’t think so, so no.” I know that sounds a little tough but as a business coach my job is to keep my clients on track. They need the most help during the holiday season because it’s so hard to focus, not to mention that many people have less patience as a result of less work days on the calendar to get it all done.

You can do more than just “survive” the holidays. Your business can continue to THRIVE.

Here are my 10 Holiday Thrival Tips for Not Being Dysfunctional In Business During The Holidays:

  1. Review your financials year-to-date to make sure you’re on track
  2. Revise and re-set your revenue goals for the balance of the year if needed
  3. Plan out the activities needed to happen to hit those goals
  4. Schedule those activities on your calendar
  5. Schedule EVERYTHING else on your calendar, including lunch, drive time, reading email, holiday shopping, family time, cooking, client fulfillment, planning, etc.; you’ll be less stressed when you know that you have a plan and a schedule for accomplishing your goals
  6. Allocate personal time for eliminating stress, whatever that means for you. Maybe that’s exercise, shopping, meditation, reading a book, taking an improv class, watching tv, going to a comedy show. I actually schedule breathing on my calendar; it makes me laugh when I get an email schedule reminder to BREATHE.
  7. Respond, don’t REACT, to unexpected and stressful situations
  8. Laugh it off and find empathy for unreasonable and rude people; they don’t have a plan and schedule like you do
  9. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t complete every goal-oriented task; celebrate what you accomplish
  10. Have an accountability partner or coach you can turn to for support

By Gina Trimarco, Chief Results Officer

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