OMG … my water tasted like vodka!

glass of waterA few times a year I go on a “detox”. Instead of telling you what I can’t eat and drink, I’ll tell you what I CAN eat and drink … lean meat and fish, fruit, vegetables, almond milk, water, decaf coffee/tea and stevia based items. My first detox was in January 2011 to kick start a healthier life and weight loss. In that year I lost 85 pounds. Now I detox a couple of times a year and more so for a sense of control and accomplishment.

My biggest learning from detoxing is the value of focus, determination, discipline and instant gratification in succeeding at something every single day. I have to truly be in the moment of every decision I make when it comes to eating and drinking and my only obstacle is me. This is especially challenging when on the road and while surrounded by friends who like to eat and drink. During a detox some may call me boring. And while others love that I can be the designated driver I get incredibly bored and lonely while I stand alone in my detox decision. Anything is easier and more fun when you have others to do it with, but no one wants to join me in this commitment with me.

One night during my last detox we had a few friends over during the Labor Day weekend. All were enjoying their cocktails, including my husband. I stood firm in my water drinking with a little added powered drink flavoring. I came into the house from the patio to make my water cocktail and decided to have club soda instead for the fizzy bubbles. I mixed in my powered flavoring, shook it up, took a sip and nearly choked to death. This flavored club soda drink burned my throat and chest. It was not club soda. It was VODKA! It hit me – earlier in the day we had all gone to the beach and my husband put vodka in a club soda bottle. And there that club soda bottle sat innocently on our kitchen counter. I never stopped to think about the possibility of it being vodka. There I stood with vodka going down my throat and it tasted SO GOOD. I enjoyed and savored this mouthful.

I had a rush of mixed feelings – a combination of “oh no, I’ve just ruined my perfect detox record” and “well, I ruined my detox, I might as well finish the drink.” Have you ever been in a moment in your life or business where you fell down and let the fall bring you further down? It’s an insane temptation to give up and give in and for two reasons:

1) You feel like you failed and can’t recover so why bother trying to succeed

2) You’re happy you fell because you’d rather be doing the easy and more fun thing and now you have a good excuse.

Can you relate to this?

There I stood, conflicted with those two thoughts, forgetting the third alternative: DON’T GIVE UP AND GIVE IN – KEEP GOING. I set the drink aside and made a new drink sans vodka. And you know what? It was a major rush to overcome the first two choices. I won! I achieved! I succeeded! I’m here to tell you that whatever tempts you away from your own success, choose option number three!

You won’t regret it.

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